Autumn Banquet Cancelled

Dear Society Members

First and foremost, and on behalf of the Management Committee, here’s hoping that you have remained safe and well since we last contacted you to confirm the cancellation of the Spring 2020 Keepers banquet. It has clearly been an immensely tough time for many, with some of our finest colleagues very sadly falling prey to Covid-19. Thus, on behalf of all members of the Society, our most profound and heartfelt condolences go to all those who have been tragically impacted by the invisible virus. Our thoughts are with you.

With respect to the Society, the Management Committee has continued to monitor the situation carefully while liaising with our industry colleagues regarding the Autumn 2020 banquet. As you can imagine, we were hoping that we would be able to go ahead with it, but with the continued uncertainty across the world of  travel and hospitality, it is now with profound regret that we have taken the decision to cancel the Autumn banquet. 

Above all, this decision has been taken with the safety and welfare of our members at the fore, and given the global nature of the event, we felt it important to make a decision by mid-July. As such, we very much hope that you will understand our position, and that sharing this decision now will ensure that all those who were looking  to attend will be able to adjust their plans accordingly and without undue impact. 

On a more positive note, we are still very much hoping that all will be well for us to proceed with the Spring 2021 banquet, although this obviously remains dependent upon how much progress has been made in the battle against Covid-19 and we’ll continue to monitor the situation carefully over the coming months.   

In the meantime, we have decided to go ahead with publishing an Autumn edition of The Keeper magazine which we look forward to sharing in due course. A number of you have asked if we can explore some creative ways whereby we can all still uphold the spirit of the Keepers of the Quaich during the Autumn season. Indeed, a few ‘virtual’ ideas are already circling and we look forward to letting you know how we progress with this entertaining challenge, with the caveat that it would have to be in complete harmony with the magical spirit of our Society.   

And so, in conclusion and on behalf of the Society, our sincerest thanks to all fellow Masters and Keepers for your stentorian patience, understanding and support across the last five months. It has meant a lot to us all, especially to Annabel and her team at the Keepers HQ. We honestly cannot thank you enough as we genuinely appreciate how frustrating these cancellations must have been for so many of you. However, rest assured that once this is over, I have no doubt that we will all bounce back with renewed vigour and that our next banquet will be a mighty celebration of the utmost joy! Wishing you all safety and a very happy summer season ahead,

Yours sincerely

Peter Prentice,

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