Spring 2024 Banquet

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How to become a Keeper of the Quaich



Eligibility Criteria

We welcome all eligible individuals to Keepers of the Quaich.

There are certain criteria that must be met before someone may be considered as being inducted as a Keeper of the Quaich. The criteria is as follows:-

  • The candidate must have worked for a minimum of seven years continuously in the Scotch Whisky Industry.
  • The application form must be proposed and seconded by two existing Keepers of the Quaich. At least one of the existing Keepers signing must be either representing a Founding Partner or Member Company or be an appointed officer representing a recognised International Chapter.
  • The nominator filling in the application form must have personal knowledge of the nominee and act as a guarantor.
  • Acceptance of a proposed Keeper is at the discretion of the Management Committee, and their decision is final.

It is crucial that an application submitted reflects the outstanding work that the nominee has contributed to the Scotch Whisky Industry. It is helpful to have specific examples and to use compelling language.

Each application form will be submitted to the Keepers of the Quaich office. The form will then be circulated around the Management Committee for comment. If they are unanimous in their approval, the application will be successful. Confirmation will be passed to the Nominator, who in turn informs the Nominee. The process for arranging induction would commence at this stage.

Founding Partner and Member Companies have an allocation of new Keepers they are entitled to induct at each Banquet. This is part of their annual subscription. They will inform the Keepers Office if they intend to use their allocation for new Keepers each Banquet. If they do not intend to use their full allocation, the Keepers Office may allocate the space to Non-Member Companies and Independent Individuals.